Six Easy Ways to Maximize Your Message

How many ads do you see on Facebook every time you open your page? Seems like after every 4-5 posts in my news feed, while I scroll thru, there is something trying to claim my attention.

And more are coming!

And if you are the one doing the advertising, then the competition is more fierce than ever, with many more companies and individuals (like us) vying for the attention of well… everyone.

So just how do YOU make your information unforgettable? So you have  more click throughs, gather emails, connect people to your business, etc?

In other words – How do you make yourself unique?

These 6 easy steps will help you accomplish this!

#1 Make Yourself Relatable

Solve a problem! Which one? Pick one and you’ll hit a broad audience.

Pick another, and you will have another wide-ranging group. Whatever is troubling you is bothering many others also.

Even better, talk to some of your customers about the problems they have.

Tell your story. What makes you relevant or relatable. What inspires you to do this. How this problem was hampering your business and how you are solving it.

Maybe it’s more time with the family. A second, much-needed income stream. Social: meeting new people. Sharpening your skills…

Bonding is an underrated skill and the payoff is huge! Not just monetarily, but expanding your circle of friends and colleagues is invaluable.

The old adage of “it’s not so much about WHAT you know, but WHO you know” is even more important in this world of disconnect.

#2 Build Trust

You are the selling point! We all buy from people/companies we trust.

Why should I buy from you? Building that bridge or connection makes you an authority that others will have confidence in and want to help you succeed.

If you want to establish that trust/credibility, then open the door to a view of your life.

#3 Tell a Story

Relates back to #1 and #2 doesn’t it?

You don’t have to give a full detailed account of your life, but sharing a few triumphs and pain makes you more relatable (#1) and paints a picture of the “how” and the “why”.

You don’t need to tell how much of a bear you are in the morning before coffee, but a quick tale of how coffee is effective in getting your day started is nice. Or a protein shake made with your favorite fruit, etc. Build that connection.

I love hearing others stories about how they got to the place where they are at right now. Helps me understand their pain, frustration, and joy. Gives us a common ground on which to build a conversation.

We are all storytellers. Our whole history is filled with sagas that have been passed along from generation to generation.

Now let us hear about yours!

#4 Feelings

 We don’t buy with our head, but with our heart.

Logic usually has little to do with our purchasing. That sports car is not practical, but isn’t it fun to drive? And those cute shoes!!! Can’t walk over 3 feet in them, but I sure do look good until then!

So making our words full of emotions is so very important to appealing to our heart.

 I always ask before emailing, writing an ad, taking a picture, communication of any kind, etc

                                 –How can I make it more appealing?

                                 –How can I make it more engrossing?

                                 –How can I make it more heart tugging?

These questions evoke answers that are major pain or frustration points we all deal with every day in our business. Answers as enlightening for ourselves as ​for our customers/clients.

#5 Build Interest

What question leads us to explore? To be curious about something?

To want to know the “why or how” behind that story. Be it the “why” behind the 1st person to eat ​a lobster, all the way to “how” did we actually launch the 1st space capsule. It is fascinating to uncover new facts that we had never considered before.

For most of us, our 1st question is “How to________…?

We humans are trail hunters. And “How to…” can lead us to places we never thought possible.

                                       –How do I create my business?

                                       –How do I grow my business?

               –How do I use the internet to connect with other like minded people?

Is your head swimming with ideas?

We are all looking for explanations. And locked inside of you is an abundance of those answers. Just waiting to be freed…

#6 “What’s in it for me?”

Bottom line. We are selfish creatures by nature.

Our 1st thoughts are:

                                   –What am I going to get out of this?

                                   –How is it going to improve my life?

                                   –What are the short and long term benefits?

We can evaluate our own latest purchases this way:

Why did I buy _________(book, car, food, etc)?

How is it going to make my ________(job, commute, love life, etc) better?

What is the payoff? _______________(more money, relaxation, feeling happier with self, etc).

That’s the point of any communication. To make all of our conversations, whether they be in emails, ads, blogs, or a coffee meeting,  relevant, relatable, trust building, historical, emotional, and provoking an interest.

This will help you stand out from the herd. You are unique and showing it will attract a different group of people than anyone else can.

For more information on how to stand out, ​schedule a call with us.

This article was inspired by an article by Vitaly Grinblat.

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