John and Connie

We Understand!

It feels like you’ve tried everything!

Subscribed to newsletters, followed gurus, read books, bought courses, been to seminars…

The things you want to change, to improve, seem to stay the same no matter what you do.

Stress seems to be right there almost all the time, like your shadow.

Maybe never so bad that you just can’t get out of bed, but always draining your strength.

There’s a fog in your brain much of the time. Thinking seems like work.

You’re not alone and there is more to try. Let us help.

How We Got Here

We met in a self-improvement program over 40 years ago and grew there together.

We took courses and retreats over a 20 year period.

We got a lot of value but the things we wanted to improve the most just stayed the same.

We felt stuck reliving the same habits, replaying the same painful memories, feeling low self-worth, and experiencing lots of anxiety about the future. 

Did I mention anger and frustration?

We tried other courses, books, techniques, counseling.

Some really kooky stuff, too.

We stayed in the rut.

Health challenges led John to Traditional Chinese Medicine and then a Functional Medicine practitioner. 

He made steady progress physically, but stress relief was still just out of reach.

One discovery led to another and we found an almost magical combination of Mind and Body tools.

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What happens in your mind affects your body

What happens in your body affects your mind

Both affect your behavior

You can make them so much better

We can guide you