ABOUT US – John and Connie Kuder
John and Connie

You’re probably here because you’re wondering if you can relate to us and/or why you might want to listen to us.🙃

This is where folks usually tell their rags-to-riches story and highlight impressive financial accomplishments.

Sorry, not for us. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Even if we had the honor of speaking from stages, that stuff is just a distraction from what matters most.

Between us we’ve:

  • Done every dirty job on an egg farm (you DON’T want details) 🐓
  • Dug ditches, worked construction, laid sod, hung ceiling fans 🏗
  • Sold encyclopedias door-to-door (two whole days in sub-freezing temps) ⛄️
  • Worked retail, did data entry, and phone support 📲
  • Been business owners, for better and worse 🏢
  • Played with the country club set 🥂
  • Lived in trailers and a mansion ⛺️ 🏰
  • Enjoyed blue jean bowling and white short tennis 🎾
  • Been laid off 😱

Our inner circle has included mental illness, special needs, neurodegenerative disorders and a ton of alcoholism.

Also genius, heroism, and plain-old good people.

We’ve lived thru triumphs & tragedy, depression and elations and lots of day to day grind.

So we have pretty much lived it all, survived it all and can relate to almost anyone. 😎

Maybe we have some stuff in common?

As for why you might want to listen to us about marketing…

  • We have our money where our mouth is and we’re available to help
  • We are still in the trenches, actively adding to our skills
  • We can help with a plan and also the technical details that overwhelm many
  • We have partnered with pioneers who have paved the way

Click the link below to send us a message and let’s chat about where YOU want to go…