Why The Topic of “Timing” Should Not Be Part Of Prospecting

This may sound like a rant, and maybe it is...a little. But is is also a good look at how well-meaning people do something that hurts them later without realizing it. You might be surprised at the way it happens.

I Got Off To A Bad Start

I joined my first Network Marketing company mainly due to the "timing" concept: get in early, before the company has really grown, and you have a much better chance of making a large income. I trusted the person who told me this because he grew up around the business; his parents were Amway distributors for most of his life.

This was a new company with a new, untested product and no training. Just a story in a video. I had very little chance of succeeding.

Of course I didn't know it at the time, but I joined the wrong company for the wrong reason. The problem is that the timing idea doesn't fit Network Marketing and actually increases your chances of failure.

Most new Network Marketing companies don't last 5 years. So "getting in early" does not put the odds in your favor.

Another common way that "timing" is used to motivate people to join Network Marketing is the myth of...


It goes something like this:

The presenter shows a graph that looks a little like the one at the top of this post and points to the flat spot just before the big increase. "This is where we are now. Once we hit momentum (pointing to the big move up), it will be too late. Everyone will want what we have and only those who have already built a team will see the big benefits."

(Leave us a comment below if you have heard something like this.)

The idea is to stimulate FOMO; the fear of missing out. Get people excited about the opportunity to make their dreams come true and then introduce the idea of missing the magic carpet ride to the top. It seems manipulative to me.

This might be an okay way to sell some shiny little gadget, but it is no way to get people to make a long term commitment to a profession that requires learning and applying new skills.

"Everyone will want it" is not true...ever

The buying frenzy they are hoping for is a bubble, like the 1999 stock market bubble. Bubbles always pop!

What Are The Odds?

Very few companies experience this rapid growth. Very, very few companies hit the magic number of $1billion in annual sales that seems to be the proof of having made it big.

Check out the 2018 DSN Global 100 list. Only 99 companies in the world have sales over $100 million. Only 24 have 2017 sales of $1billion or more and only about 10 of those are based in the US. 

Anyone who confidently predicts that their company will triple or quadruple sales in the near future is blowing smoke. They may believe what they are saying, but it has no meaning and you shouldn't let it influence you.

Not An Investment

The real problem is this:

The "timing" concept applies to investing, like buying stock in a company. It does not apply to being an independent sales and marketing representative.

When you buy stock in a company, you own a little piece of that company. Even though you can benefit from many other investors also buying the stock, you are not paid commissions to encourage them to do so.

In this case, if you "get in early" and if the stock price trends, you win. But you have no connection to other investors and no responsibility for their success.

In Network Marketing, your income grows with the total sales volume of the team that you build. Each person that you sponsor and assist to succeed must sponsor and assist others in turn.

Your success depends on the success of those who come after you, so talking about "timing" and getting in ahead of others causes you to fall into...

The Trap

If you really believe that people who join you after "momentum" happens will be at a disadvantage, then you have trapped yourself by promoting a limited-time opportunity instead of a "legacy income".

By suggesting that the really good "timing" opportunity will go away, you are saying that the people who you enroll later will be sold an inferior opportunity and be less likely to succeed.

The people this will appeal to most are the one's looking to make fast, easy money and that is not who you want on your team.

There Is A Better Way

Focus on what matters in building any business. Long-term income doesn't come from short-term effort. Play the long game. Deliver a consistently satisfying customer experience. 

Duplication is a key factor. You need systems that you train others to use and they train others and so on. You succeed by building an organization that continues to grow for years to come.

Have a great product! There needs to be many more people consuming the product than there are representing it, so it needs to solve a common problem in a unique way.

It costs very little to become an independent representative. The real investment is in personal and professional development. Plan to make that investment and to help others do the same. There is no time limit on becoming a better person. People skills are valuable in every business, so the investment will pay dividends for a lifetime.

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