Three Reasons Why Creating a Personal Brand is Your Most Secure Future As An “Independent Representative”

This may not be comfortable to hear. I didn’t like learning it.

Network Marketing is not as secure as many would like you to believe.

The ideal is great: Pledge yourself to a company, build a team, and create a passive, residual income that continues to grow, even if you choose to stop.

This residual income can be left to your heirs to secure their futures as well! Fantastic!

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different from the ideal. Life is constant change, and no company or industry is immune.

People come and go. Trends change. New products emerge as competition.

Changes like these can have a huge impact on your income if it is completely dependent on things staying the same within your chosen company.

It isn’t really very secure.

(if it was secure, why have so many top leaders built big groups in multiple companies? Why wasn’t their first one the only one?)

So what is a personal brand and how does it create security in network marketing?

We all know lots of product and company brands with their associated logos.

In network marketing, where many people are representing the same company (a brand) and the same products (which may also be brands), a personal brand is an expression of the individual identity of the representative, their unique skill set, and their competence.

Without a personal brand, how are you any different from any other representative of your company? Given a choice, why would someone enroll through you vs. another person?

Creating a personal brand is a process of building trust and authority with a group of people who relate to you. This valuable in all areas of life, including a job search.

Your family and close friends are hopefully loyal to you and would prefer to work with you, if they are interested.

But when you start talking to people outside this group, you need to build trust and loyalty with them. This includes the people you may have known casually for many years.

If I haven’t talked to someone in years, how suspicious is it for me to call them out of the blue and tell them they have been on my mind, or that I found this great thing and immediately thought of them?

Seriously, with all the robo-calling happening today, when my phone rings unexpectedly, I am already on guard. If an old acquaintance unexpectedly calls me, I wonder, “Why now?”

The network marketing business model is based on relationships and shared values. When a person has contacted their entire network, they can only expand their marketing reach by expanding their network.

One way to do this is to generate referrals from within their network, by asking the people they know to vouch for them to their friends. This works, but can easily be awkward without great people skills.

Another way to expand, thanks to the Internet, is to build a following online, using a variety of digital marketing techniques.

One very popular method is blogging. Proper use of Facebook is another.

Both of these are actually individual building blocks of a larger branding strategy that has proven to be successful. This strategy is called “Attraction Marketing.”

#1. It Builds Relationships And Positions You As An Authority

When you brand yourself as an authority, based on skill and competence, your value is in what you know and who trusts you.

It emphasizes quality over quantity.

What if you could only train 3 people and had to depend on their results? How would you spend your time with them?

Building a supportive team culture requires consistent leadership. It shifts your focus from “getting” people to strengthening people.

It focuses you more on process and systems and less on transactions. It’s like the difference between asking open-ended questions and Yes-No questions.

Your essential brand is you, and you have a monopoly on that. Be the best version of you and find your tribe.

#2. It Gives You Staying Power

If you start with the idea that you are building a business that requires learning specific skills through consistent practice, you expect it to take time and effort.

There is no free lunch. You are building sweat equity.

Highly paid individuals have developed skills that are in-demand. Having access to a great product and compensation plan does not change that.

If you start with realistic expectations and spend time learning and building an audience that you engage with and educate, you are much more likely to continue in the business.

The longer you stay around, the more skills you are likely to master. More people will notice that you have stuck around and trust you more. Both of these are likely to keep you around even longer.

This is a shift from a “hunter” mentality to a “farmer” mentality. You are no longer stalking “prospects” to “get them” into your business by “signing them up.” You are growing a relationship that may blossom into a fruitful partnership, when the timing is right for them. It cannot be forced. It must be nurtured.

Building your own brand is ultimately good for the company you represent. Sustainable growth is a goal of every company, and it is not achieved by constant turnover of personnel.

#3. Professional Conduct Is Good for the Industry:

Personal branding is creating a professional presence. It is built on helping others get results from building their own skills.

This is how traditional businesses build a brand.

It is much more respectable than filling ignorant people with false hope and sending them out to spam the world until they give up. Personal branding will purge companies that do this from the industry.

The general public will experience fewer ambush-style opportunity pitches and the image of the industry will improve.

Personal branding will also reduce the number of people jumping from company to company chasing a dream. Instead of trying to ride someone else’s wave, they will build their own.

Creating a brand takes plenty of work and there is a lot to learn. Fortunately, there are affordable resources available to train and guide you.

For example, you can click this link and get access to a Free 10-part series that gives a clear overview of the Attraction Marketing process created by a leader in the field who is our mentor.

You can also contact us through our Facebook page or text the number on this page to arrange a call. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the resources that you need.


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