Four Ways to Change Negative Opinions of Network Marketing

It is nearly impossible to talk to more than a few people about Network Marketing without encountering some negative opinions.

Many may be polite and simply try to end the conversation by not responding… I’m grateful that’s what most of my friends have done.

Others may be outspoken with a harsh judgement. That stings!

Negative opinions exist and there is no point trying to argue or convince someone to look again. It will only force them to strengthen their belief in their viewpoint as they defend it.

Here are four ways to engage with these folks which may leave them more open-minded in the future:

Politely ask what happened to cause them to feel that way and then listen to their story. Don’t correct them or refute anything they say.

Draw out the entire story, validating their right to hold their opinion without agreeing with it. 

Make sure they know you have heard them.

Surprise them by not trying to sell them anything and especially not trying to recruit them to your team. Much of the bad reputation of the industry comes from aggressive recruiting tactics.

Simply learn as much as you can about their interests and theirs needs and leave the door open for a future conversation. Let them wonder why you didn’t do what they expected you to.

A bolder approach is to state that you only interview potential team members after they have first become happy customers and have then shown the initiative to ask about your opportunity.

Remember that everyone loves to buy, but nobody loves to be sold. No matter how excited you are about your product, it isn’t about you.

Discover what problem they would like to solve, and try to help them solve it, even if it involves a product that you don’t offer.

Imagine how this will surprise a person who is expecting you to force your product on them.

Tell them that your product may not be for them, but you believe they know someone who might be looking for it.

Ask them to think of one person, and if they do, ask for an introduction by group text message. Then thank them and drop it.

These actions can leave people open to future contact and to possibly revising their opinion. Some will, and some won’t, but any change is a positive step for you and the industry.

My last suggestion is that we all stop doing the things that create a negative customer experience and lead to a bad reputation.

The most efficient way to build a team, despite negative opinions, is to focus your efforts on people who have a favorable (or neutral) opinion of the industry.

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